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Delta Dental

Delta Dental features the largest network of dentists in the U.S.   This means that employers that offer Delta Dental plans can provide meaningful coverage for their employees.  With an emphasis on preventative health, Delta Dental can help keep your employees and their families healthy, all while providing affordable rates.

Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. features plans for both small groups and large groups.  The small group program offers coverage that is exclusively tailored for the small business with 2-4 active employees.  With our hands on service, and a friendly person located in Pennsylvania ready to take your call, we pride ourselves on our reputation built over the years taking care of small business needs.

And when your business grows, or if you already are established, we offer the Delta Dental SBA Program.  The SBA program is geared towards groups of 5-99 and includes programs tailored to these mid-sized groups.

Last, for groups of 100+ Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. will work with you to find a solution that best meets your needs.

For more information on Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. relationship with Delta Dental, the products offered, or licensing information for agents contact us today or visit the forms area of the website to view the marketing material.

Why Ancillary Benefits?

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act there has been a shift by smaller business owners in their approach to their group benefit offerings. Many employers have been struggling with the decision of which benefits to offer their employees, in order to remain competitive in the marketplace for quality employees, and in order to maintain fiscal responsibility for their company. Ancillary benefits like group dental, vision, and life offer an affordable way to give employees access to valuable benefits that most everyone can use. These lower cost benefits help employers retain key employees and provide tangible benefits to your workforce.

Our Personal Service Guarantee

At Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. we pride ourselves on the service we provide our agent and broker partners, and our members. We strive to bring personal attention to any issues that may arise, to help solve any problems, and allow you the peace of mind knowing our team is ready and prepared to help you. When you call our customer service you will speak with a dedicated representative who will be happy to work with you directly. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service!