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  • We help employers with their ancillary benefit programs including dental, vision, life, disability, and Direct Primary Care membership program. We also offer self-funded level premium plan options.

    By working with select agents throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, we are able to provide the highest quality, nationally rated, group insurance products, while maintaining a local presence to serve your needs quickly and personally.

Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental benefit packages offer an easy, affordable way for employers to offer a group benefit package to help retain healthy, happy, employees. Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. offers Delta Dental for its dental insurance offerings in Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Washington DC. Whether your employer group is two lives or 100+, Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. has a program to meet your needs.

Group Vision Insurance

Group Vision benefits offer an affordable, cost effective way to provide employees with an offering that nearly everyone can use. Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. proudly offers National Vision Administrators Vision products to employer groups in the Mid-Atlantic region. With the NVA diverse, national vision provider network we are able to offer access to high quality eye care in every state across the U.S. making sure we meet your group benefit needs.

Group Life Insurance

By partnering with multiple insurance companies, Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. is able to offer group life, short-term disability, and “cash back” indemnity programs. With our partners and Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. you get the strength of a large national insurance company, and the personal service of a regional administrator.

Group Medical Benefits

Gettysburg Benefits Admin., Inc. offers leading level-funded group health plans that help employers control their healthcare spend while improving the health of their employees.  Isn’t it time to think beyond traditional health coverage for a more strategic, multi-year approach that includes wellness, care advocacy, and transparent pricing?

Why Ancillary Benefits?

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act there has been a shift by smaller business owners in their approach to their group benefit offerings. Many employers have been struggling with the decision of which benefits to offer their employees, in order to remain competitive in the marketplace for quality employees, and in order to maintain fiscal responsibility for their company. Ancillary benefits like group dental, vision, and life offer an affordable way to give employees access to valuable benefits that most everyone can use. These lower cost benefits help employers retain key employees and provide tangible benefits to your workforce.

Our Personal Service Guarantee

At Gettysburg Benefits Administrators, Inc. we pride ourselves on the service we provide our agent and broker partners, and our members. We strive to bring personal attention to any issues that may arise, to help solve any problems, and allow you the peace of mind knowing our team is ready and prepared to help you. When you call our customer service you will speak with a dedicated representative who will be happy to work with you directly. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service!